Savoy Serves you uniquely as follows:-

 Provide professional service of the highest quality in reviewing clients’ insurance needs and recommending customized insurance solutions.

 Ensure that the policies of insurance are from financially sound and secure insurers well known for professionalism and quality of service.

 Ensure that insurance policies are tailored to meet your requirements and are in line with the best available in the market and that all locally available extensions clauses are incorporated in the policy.

 Ensure that clients insurance premium is competitive in relation to scope of cover and quality of insurer.

 Scrutinize all policies and documents for accuracy.

 Provide guidance to clients in the preparation of claim documentation and to act on client's behalf in representing and protecting their interests with insurers, carriers, surveyors, adjusters, arbitrators, lawyers and other third parties.

 Innovation and bold non-conventional approach and initiative in understanding and meeting the needs of our present and future customers.

 Conduct periodic review of client's insurance requirement in the changing business environment and provide recommendations on risk improvement and protection.

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